Molly the Pony - A True Story

Molly The Pony Cover Art

Winner of the 2008 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) Henry Bergh Children's Book Award

Hard back book 10" x 10"
Thirty two pages filled with color pictures.

Includes music score of original song "An Extra Smile"
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Molly waits.  She waits in her stall.  She waits for her owners to return.

This is a true story of a pony who was found in her barn after Hurricane  Katrina only to suffer an injury after her rescue.  Her ability to cope  with her injuries encouraged veterinarians to perform a very rare surgery on the damaged leg.  She relearned how to walk and trot on her prosthetic leg.  She now has a new mission in life: offering inspiration and hope to both children and adults.

Molly's Barn in Saint Rose

This is the barn in St. Rose, Louisiana where Molly was found.

Molly Grazing On The Leeve

Grazing on the Mississippi leeve.

Molly's Prosthetic Leg

Molly's prosthetic leg.