Children's Stories and Photography by Pam Kaster

Molly the Pony     A True Story

Winner of the 2008 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®
(ASPCA®) Henry Bergh Children's Book Award

Hard back book 10" x 10"
Thirty two pages filled with color pictures
Includes music score of original song "An Extra Smile"
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Molly the Pony

     Molly waits.  She waits in her stall.  She waits for her owners to return.  This is a true story of a pony who was found in her barn after Hurricane Katrina only to suffer an injury after her rescue.  Her ability to cope with her injuries encouraged veterinarians to perform a very rare surgery on the damaged leg.  She relearned how to walk and trot on her prosthetic leg.  She now has a new mission in life: offering inspiration and hope to both children and adults.

Barn in St. Rose

Grazing on the Leeve
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